Our company is a large-scale distributor company specializing in the wholesale and retail of video surveillance and security systems, network equipment, computer accessories and other IT products made by world-renowned companies.

Given that there is no more dynamic sector in electronics and business, our company follows the global trends, selects the best, most promising new products in the electronics market and presents them to competitors and partners at competitive prices.

Our company strives to be as close to them as possible to reach all its partners and customers. She values ​​the success of her business as a key to her success and continues to grow and develop, constantly striving for perfection, change.




Computer services

PC Computers and notebooks
Retail and Wholesale
Computer problems
accurate diagnosis and solution
Computer networks
installation and adjustment
Computer courses
Office, Autocad, Archicad, 3D Max etc.
Installation and customization of server rooms.

Security systems

{DVR-NVR} Security Camera Professional solution
Practical courses and certification for security cameras
Gateway, turnstile and biometric equipment
Fire alarm systems etc.

Do you need security?